Cancellations, returns, exchanges and guarantee policy


As your purchase will be prepared very quickly for shipment, contact customer service as soon as possible to cancel or make changes to an order within a period of not less than 24 hours. While we cannot cancel an order once it has been processed, we will do our best to solve the issue and meet your requirement.

You can find more information about the cancellation and return of an order in our Returns and Refunds Policy.




1. In the case of made-to-measure garments, they have a discrepancy greater than (10 cm or 1/2 "). Please note that we can choose to replace your garment or modify the measures of the product depending on which is and what is his style

2. If the product you received is not the product, either by size, colour or model

3. Your product is the wrong colour. The different shades of the correct colour do not qualify as incorrect since all leather leathers are slightly different and not all computer screens show the same colours.

4. Your product is the wrong kind of leather.

To obtain a replacement or refund, you must send us photos by email that show the discrepancy. If it is an incorrect measurement, take your product and place it on a table. If it is a jacket or coat, close the zipper or in case you do not have it, join the edges of the zipper as in the closed position as well as in the case of belts. Pull the leather and place a tape measure on the wrong measurement and take a picture. We will review the photos and we will answer you. Make sure the leather is taut when you take a photo to ensure accuracy. The measurements should be taken according to the instructions, according to our measurement guide. Keep in mind that, when it comes to tailor-made products, we may add centimetres / inches to certain measurements depending on the choice of style, so what you measure in your product may be larger than what you measure in your body.

In the case of purses, handbags, purses, wallets, and any other product, send us a photo showing the discrepancy.

(Earrings are non-exchangeable products)

Once we have determined that you qualify, we will decide if we will replace the product with another one or refund the purchase money. Please, have in mind, the measurements must be taken very carefully and according to our table of measures in order to avoid inconveniences. We will tailor your product to measurements exactly based on the information you provide us.

If we send you a replacement product, we must have proof that you sent us the original received product. Please reconfirm the measures informed in a timely manner because based on these we will make your product. The shipping costs will be your responsibility, or you can withdraw it at our store or commercial office.

Keep in mind that all our products are made with natural leathers, we do not work with synthetic materials, which is why, being natural leathers it’s possible to verify slight defects or variations in colour those that are typical of the raw material because they are original leathers. and processed according to their own type and characteristics.

We do not offer refunds after 24 hours of purchase due to the nature of our personalized business. Once a personalized product is made it is unique, it only fits one person: you! However, we will do our best to ship the product you ordered.



For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to developing, design and manufacture hight quality products, excellent design and last a lifetime, and we support this by offering our customers a lifetime guarantee on our products. This lifetime warranty covers both materials and manufacturing defects.

However, in the hypothetical case of products with manufacturing defects, we will take care of the repair or simply replace the product with an equal one. If repair or replacement is not possible, we will give you credit in the store in your favour, which you can use to buy any other product from our store, or we will refund your money.

Please note that, in all cases, shipping to our store or commercial office is at your expense.

Claiming your guarantee is very simple!

Send us your customer number and your order number by email to

At El Nochero, we pride ourselves and take care of every detail of the design and preparation of all our products, making a detailed quality control on each of our products and at the same time we make sure to pre-select and use only the best raw materials with the highest international quality standards. But, in case there is a problem with a product, we will always solve it for free.

When, at your discretion, it is justified and you decide to make a warranty claim, consider the following points.

The guarantee does not cover changes due to wear due to the use of the product.

It does not cover changes in the colour of the leather, nor repair of scratches, tears, wrinkles or other damages caused by the wear and tear of habitual use, accidents and inadequate care or cleaning.

El Nochero will carry out an inspection and verification of the received claim and if it is verified that your product does have a manufacturing defect or a defect in the materials used, it will be repaired at no cost to you (either for materials or labour) or we can replace it with another of equal characteristics and same value.

The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the product. The guarantee is not valid in case of resale or transfer of ownership of the product. The buyer is the one who can and should make the claim. In the case of gifts to third parties, please request that you inform us of the personal data, so that said person can make the claim or request changes.

The guarantee is not valid for skin colour changes, which can happen over time, because we only manufacture our products with 100% natural raw materials.

Keep in mind, that you acquired a 100% natural product, handmade and one by one. This implies that it is necessary to select several pieces of leather for the manufacture of a single product and that the tanning and dyeing process of each animal hide is not always the same because they are processed and selected one by one. No two leather products are the same. For this reason, it is possible that the product is slightly different from the images on the website or those of the printed brochures. These cases are not covered by the guarantee. For returns please see returns and changes.

It is very important that you consider that all our products are made with natural leathers, we do not work with synthetic materials, which is why, being natural leathers it’s possible to verify slight defects or variations in colour those that are typical of the raw material because they are original leathers. and processed according to their own type and characteristics.

The claim email, without exception, must describe in detail the warranty claim. This email must be generated and sent by the buyer, also include all the purchase data, both the product and the buyer (other additional data may be required to confirm your identity as original buyer). In case you do not find the original email to confirm the order, notify the store immediately, informing your personal information, address of purchase and delivery (if these were different) and means of payment used.

This warranty is offered by El Nochero, which reserves the right to withdraw or modify the terms of this guarantee without prior notice. Your legal rights will not be affected by this guarantee.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through






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