About Us

El Nochero opened its doors in Patio Bullrich in of 1988, creating a new concept in a market eager for innovative products and ideas.

Based on the recognized Argentinean quality in high-end leather, wool and textile products, El Nochero incorporates design and development of different product lines, creating garments with current and everlasting designs.


Specialized on high quality natural raw materials for export and the best highly trained workforce, the result is premium products highly valued worldwide.

Since the very beginning, El Nochero was based on an integral and innovative concept in its products and services, something new in the market, which managed to combine values that today are the basis of the strength of the brand: tradition-design-quality and service.

The incorporation of a professional, young and dynamic design team allows us to respond the most demanding public, both national and international, permanently adapting to new trends, but always maintaining our style and product concepts; focusing on the constant incorporation of new collections, high quality and custom service.

This flexibility and a constant adaptation, has not allowed to obtain successful results, covering the traditional and the urban in clothing, leather goods, footwear and goldsmiths, which justifies the 31 years of successful permanence in the market.



After 32 years of presence in Patio Bullrich, and adapting to the constant changes, challenges and the new reality that we have to live in, we moved to our new location in Buenos Aires City, located at Avenida Alvear 1981.


As a definition, any product that is made manually and with traditional techniques is handmade, without the involvement of an industrial processes. This is the exact definition of EL Nochero products.

Handmade with Tradition and Design.

All our products are handmade, by highly trained artisans, upholding tradition and combining them with the latest advances in the treatment of raw materials. All our products are unique, made one by one and customized for our customers.

Upon request, we manufacture our "custom - tailor made" designs, with the interest of satisfying the needs and tastes of our customers. Select a product and enter “CUSTOM”